2014 challenges (part 2)

Last year I went a little crazy on the challenges front, so this year I’ve been signing up SLOWLY in the hopes I actually think about challenges first rather than just sign up to everything.  I’ve signed up for a few already, and here are two more!  I knew I wanted to go for both of these, I just couldn’t quite decide on the levels to aim for.  I’ve aimed high because, well, why not?!

 Review Pile Reading Challenge
Level: Grand Master (31-40 books)

I’ve talked about how I’d like to improve my NetGalley ratio up to 80% (and even laid out how I’m going to go about getting started).  In order to increase my ratio, I’m going to have to read some of the review books I’ve not yet got around to!  I’m currently aiming for Grand Master level (31-40 books).


TBR Pile Reading Challenge
Level: Sweet Summer Fling (31-40 books)In line with my book buying diet and my aim to get more out of my shelves, I’ve set my goal for the TBR pile reading challenge at the same level as the Review Pile reading challenge.  Hopefully I can get a better balance this year, and actually read some of the books I own!

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  1. It is a good idea to sign up slowly. I just can’t seem to stop signing up because I love them so much.

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